Does the sun shine? The light in the darkness.

Updated: Mar 5

There are times in our lives when the sun shines in the sky yet we feel as though we are in the dark, or is that just me?. Probably not! Just look at the World today and there only seems to be an unending supply of darkness. Countries testing weapons of mass destruction, famines, children living on streets, families fighting in civil wars, death of the young and older on our streets, and there is #Covid-19.

Yet amidst these darkened events, where as individuals we feel hopeless, question ourselves, our role and purpose, or significance, not only in the World but also in our own communities; we matter, we have a purpose, We can make the sun shine.

Only the other day I was watching a documentary a tour of Cuba and Haiti. In Haiti many people live in a beautiful island, with magnificent natural surroundings, Yet since the earthquake they live in severe poverty, having to buy water daily, with what little they have, just to survive. Many of the young children/youth live on the streets, not in cardboard boxes, tents, or sleeping bags, but on the cold stone streets. They have no hope, no food, water, love, or sense of purpose. That is, until a small local organisation called Sakala comes along. The presenter of the show talks about the look of loss, hopelessness, and emptiness in the 3 teenage boys' eyes with whom she was talking. They were then introduced to Sakala day centre, in the roughest part of Cite Soleil (city of the sun). Behind the secure gates of this day centre, the few Sakala staff gave them food, water, clean clothing, and allowed them to play basketball. They were once again allowed to be children. The change in these 3 young boys' expressions, and eyes, was almost tangible through the television screen.

Amidst their darkness in the Cite Sole, these boys found happiness, value, and love, just because someone cared. So what can We do in our own 'Cite Soleil', to make someone near us, smile feel as though they matter, they are valued, they are loved, or cared about. Do I know my neighbours telephone number, whilst they are isolated, and they have no one to talk to, do we do the shopping, can we mow their lawn, what can we do to be creative etc. Do we care? Can I be the sunshine for someone today?