The Why me? question. Will make you think. mind body and soul. part 1

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

How often do we have those "Why?" days? So many of us experience them; those days we question everything, and inevitably it is always from a negative perspective. "Why did this happen to me", "why is it always me that...", "how come that never happens to/for me", "it is always my..... is it never their/them…..", "why always my family...", and many more that I am sure we have either used or heard. Isn't it interesting that our default mode is in the negative, rather than the positive.. I have never heard anyone complain, that their family is always the one that succeeds, or they are always the one to get the promotion, or even they wish they had less.. etc.. Even those who have more than many of us will ever have, such as, Sam Smith; who has fame, fortune, big house with grounds, a pool etc.. He still complained during #lockdown. It is almost as we always want more, or better, or greater etc.. However, I wonder if Trump, or Richard Branson, or Lord Sugar ever ask those questions?! Probably not.

There, is one of those questions of life... Why? Why do they not ask those negative questions, why do they succeed where others fail? Is it down to personality, upbringing, education, skills, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)? Personally, I would argue No; that is certainly the case in Branson and Sugar's case, after all, it is well documented that both Sugar and Branson, had poor education, poor upbringing etc. Do they constantly have or advocate PMA, I for one have never heard or read either of them advocating this. Rather their success is born out of hard work, ingenuity, and shear grit and determination, probably with an element of pma to drive them. Now, obviously this is my perspective of these men and I am not a biographer, but simply an observer. So what is the "why?" question or more accurately the answer? There is unlikely to be one definitive answer, and undoubtedly many professionals will have their own hypothesise about their success and attitudes etc. But we all can draw some helpful, and constructive conclusions from not only their lives, but those of others we see succeeding in life.

I do need to mention firstly, that success in life is not the status, wealth, achievements or power of an individual, but rather something much deeper and more intrinsically tangible. It is the ability to move on beyond the "why?". To see beyond the fog, the mist the flat edges of the world, and aim to circumnavigate our own world, to go beyond the horizon of our perceived current status quo, as so many great explorers have done before us. Now, exploring life, going beyond is not always about the extrinsically tangible, career, international exploration etc, but it may be, the aim of travelling beyond our current mental health state, or seeking an exploration of the spiritual, that intrinsic nature of humanity. For many the inner self, Mind & Spirit is far more of an adventure than seeing the Himalayas, although often nature can draw one to look at something greater than self. Why do we question ourselves, our circumstances etc, so negatively? Probably because in Western culture we are taught to seek material success, power, and status rather than inner wealth, strength, peace, and knowledge. In less affluent parts of this world, many peoples are happy they have that which we seek, that sense of fulfilment, that hope, that inner intrinsically tangible sense of something more, than the physical self.

I will leave that thought there for us to mull over to ruminate in our thoughts and souls. I will explore the inner self more in Part 2 of "why me?".

But for now, start thinking next time a "why me?" question comes, or those negative perspectives of Your current world, think, is there more, where is my focus, what/who are my values built upon, what fulfils me, what holds me back? See you in part 2 to discuss this further.