Lockdown, Social Isolation, did it pre-exist Covid-19 in society?

Updated: Mar 5

Interestingly in this time of #selfisolation, #lockdown, many people are sharing their thoughts on being socially isolated, locked indoors away from general society. Many are talking about how it affects their mental health, their social life, their activity state, their boredom levels, even what they miss enough that it will be the first thing they do/see/eat when "free", lockdown ends.

Prior to lockdown, like many carers my wife was restricted to our home, caring for her increasing frail father. Admittedly, my wife could leave the house in the evenings if she really wanted to, when I was home, but through care, concern and a loving sense of duty she rarely did go out. Unable to leave during the day, she had little contact with the outside world, friends didn't visit after a while, and even contact via SMS and Facebook dwindled. It was almost as this were a refection on current societal trends of, "out of sight out of mind".

Remove the homeless off the street and they suddenly don't exist, because we don't see them. I probably would go as far as to say that social isolation is the reflection of a growing egocentrical and even narcissistic move within western society. Here in the UK, it is so evident that charities like @age_uk @MindCharity have been campaigning for years to support the most vulnerable in society. Can we take the "self" out of "self isolation" and reconnect with families, their carers, and our own communities.

So many need that voice, that human contact, people talk of the children needing to go back to school for the social interactions, the mental health wellbeing. Some even say offices or workplaces need to reopen for that social connection, for our mentula health wellbeing. Who thinks about the elderly, the vulnerable who are fearful of going out, the physically restricted, the carers kept at home?

I just hope that as we make new efforts to connect socially, that we Do Not Forget those who don't Instagram, Snapchat, Tweet, Facetime etc. the power of the voice is greater than you know, those few minutes on a phone call, can make a difference to someone's week, there are charities now asking for volunteers to spare 5 mins to make a call. Can you call someone, yes, use the telephone and #talktosomeone.