A simple way to get more toilet paper, be selfish.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I find it interesting how in a post millennial society, where one is encouraged to be an individual, a large number of people still adhere to pack mentality. We see examples of this every day, when one person begins crossing a road, several others follow etc. One person sees a bargain in a shop and soon word of mouth gets around. One person dies from toilet roll starvation and soon the nation is in fear for its life. In all seriousness, why do we panic buy? Why is it those with money and poses the most starve, and restrict the most needy. The elderly person who lives on a pension, having saved the nation from occupation, now can't eat because the neighbours have gone in their cars and bought all the bread, flour, pasta etc., before the pensioner has managed to catch the bus, to that same shop.

People talk about "war time conditions", but if you ask those who have lived in such times, they will tell you a different story. One of neighbours looking out for one another, borrowing a cup of flour, the single person was invited in for Sunday lunch, the women would sew and mend their neighbours clothes, the men would place out the rubbish bags for the sick neighbours.

So do we live in war times, or are we more selfish/self isolated? Some religions/faiths talk about loving our neighbours, is there still truth in that? We will see...


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