Covid-19 pandemic, and Social media posts.

Updated: Mar 5

In 1918 Spanish Flu killed 50+ Million people, 1957 Asian Flu killed over 2million, and in 2009 Swine flu, over 545 000 died, and yes I had it, and I survived. What is different this time?

Is #CoronaVirus any different. To be honest, I will leave that to the scientists to discuss. However, the World reacted differently this time. Has this been a reflection on the ability, and willingness to communicate internationally by the scientific and political communities. Have governments upped their moral and ethical sense of duty, or, in this age of modern technology, with the rapid growth of unregulated social media posts, fake news etc, have these 'powers that be' simply been more proactive with the handling of information released in a timely manner. So many questions.

Personally I believe Society has changed, and communication amongst the international community has also changed, sometimes for good, and depending on your perspective, on some occasions for the worse.

Therefore, anyone hoping to embrace leadership and authority needs to also acknowledge, understand, and try to embrace modern trends. If you want to reach the masses, ask yourself "how do the masses communicate". Now, that does pose problems in itself, after all there is no one method for mass communication. People alike this current viral outbreak akin to that of war times. However, even in war times there was no one completely effective method of communicating with the masses.

So back to my original question, "what is different this time?". Personally, I believe that society has changed. Common sense now is not so "common". So the governments have to take action, and keep the information flowing. After all some would say The masses often appear less resilient and self reliant in these days. Have we become a society of reliance or perceived reliance on Our Governments, and therefore, hove someone else to "blame" other than ourselves.

Author and Poet John Lydgate wrote; "you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time". Maybe society as we currently know it has lost the drive, the pride and determination to take responsibility for ourselves, our families, our neighbours, and our communities. Let me know your thoughts, comment below.